About Client

The client is an Italian brand which manufactures foundry machines like gravity die casting machines, core shooting machines, induction furnaces and other foundry machines.

About the project:

The client was interested in exploring Indian Foundry market to assess possibilities for sale of its machines in India which can be assembled locally in a phased wise manner. Client was targeting to tap the Indian market size, geographic spread of Indian Customers, Competition landscape & their offerings, locational analysis for assembling unit etc. for which they approaches us for for preparation of a detailed business plan.

Our Contribution:

We have prepared a comprehensive business plan with a focus on secondary search for competitor pricing, pricing of local inputs and financial feasibility. Further, Business Plan also included a comprehensive search of competitors in India with their offerings and commercial terms. A special focus was made on customer sizing to assess the demand size and potential in India. To check the financial feasibility, a financial analysis was also conducted and included in business plan showing the operating margin, working capital requirements, profitability in proposed project and break even analysis etc. Based on the business plan, client made an informed decision to set-up an assembling unit in Manesar, Gurgaon. Location of the assembling unit was selected based on our locational analysis report and we have assisted client in finding a suitable assembling unit, obtaining regulatory approvals and selection of their business vendors.

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